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Elf Bar 600 uses draw action activate and requires no buttons or manual activation thus allowing a mouth-to-lung vaping style. 2% Nicotine


With the mission to create healthier choices and better experiences, Elf Bar 600 was introduced in 2018. Elf Bar 600 is the most popular and best-selling disposable vape bar in the Uk.  The device is ready to use straight out of the box and is intended to be disposed of once the e-liquid runs out. Bar 600 comes in a simple and compact cylindrical shape with a sleek and comfortable mouthpiece. The beautiful plastic case holds an oil tank, a smart self-heating mechanism and a battery pack. Elf Bar 600 uses draw action activate and requires no buttons or manual activation thus allowing a mouth-to-lung vaping style. 

Elf Bar 600 has a 2ml juice tank capacity that comes with a pre-filled nic-salt-based E-Liquid. The E-Liquid has a 50:50 PG/VG mix ratio. Elf Bar 600 holds a 550 mAh precharged lithium-ion battery capacity. The huge battery allows users to smoke even the last drop of e-liquid and can produce up to 600+ puffs. Elf Bar 600 comes in 3 nicotine strength variations, which are; 0.0% (0mg),  1.0% (10mg), and 2.0% (20mg). This allows users to choose the nicotine strength according to their preferences and need. 

Elf Bar 600 is one of the most beautifully designed and trendy disposable vapes in the UK. The Elf Bar 600 measures 105 mm x18 mm x 15mm in height, width and diameter respectively. The device has a very sleek and compact design making it extremely portable and fashionable. An extremely lightweight and recyclable device weighing only around 200 grams. Furthermore, Elf Bar 600 comes in a beautiful matte finish and a huge spectrum of pastel and bright eye-catching colours.

The Elf Bar 600 range is specifically designed to reduce any mess and confusing setups. A separate oil-storage cotton tank to keep every drop of your e-liquid contained, and leak-free. A simple device to purely enjoy vaping and not be bothered by complicated setups and configurations. With the active draw feature, there is no need to set a button or voltage. You can start vaping as soon as you unwrap the packaging!

Elf Bar 600 devices deliver nicotine that is proven to be 95% safer than smoking. It delivers amazing flavour nicotine hit without harmful chemicals existing in conventional cigarettes. Elf Bar 600 hits a smoother throat that is perfectly suitable for new or starter vapers.

Best Elf Bar Flavours

Elf bar 600 comes is available in 30+ fantastic flavours that will cater to almost every taste preference. The flavours are mostly Inspired and extracted from fruits, delights, sweets and popular drinks. Every flavour provides a very consistent and rich experience throughout the bar. Following are the best elf bar flavours in the UK:

Elf Bar 600 Watermelon – The sweet and juicy mouthwatering watermelon flavour with an extremely cooling exhale delivers the ultimate refreshing energy all day. Experienced vape lovers consider Watermelon as the best Elf Bar flavour.

Elf Bar 600 Blue Razz Lemonade – A tangy blend of blueberry and raspberry alongside a refreshing citrus lemonade.  Blue Razz Lemonade delivers a zingy, sweet taste and cooling exhale, making it one of the most refreshing flavours.

Elf Bar 600 Cherry Cola – Inspired by the popular soft drink, sweet cherry flavour extracts are infused with fizzy cola flavour notes. Cherry Cola delivers a refreshing and blissful mouth-freshening experience.

Elf Bar 600 Blueberry Sour Raspberry –  A tantalising and unique combination of ripe blueberries and raspberries blended with sour elements. You will also feel the subtle cool icy effect on the exhale leaving you with a delicious aftertaste all day long. 

Elf Bar 600 Cherry – Another delightful berry-based extremely delicious disposable vape flavour. Vapers love the tangy and tart flavour notes of fresh cherries and the added icy effect perfectly balances the experience. 

Elf Bar 600 Pink Lemonade – A mixed berries blend with a refreshing lemonade base that has hints of both sour and sweet. Pink Lemonade is the perfect balance of sweet fruit notes and tangy yet fizzy lemonade hints.

Elf Bar 600 Blueberry – A simple fruit-based flavour with flavour notes of ripe, fresh, and sweet blueberries. Blueberry by Elf Bar 600 strikes the perfect balance of sweet fruity inhale and cool icy exhale. 

Elf Bar 600 Grape – Bringing the classic vape flavour that will surely deliver a burst of sweet, juicy, and dark flavour notes of premium grapes. There is a grape soda taste that is paired with the icy elements delivering a refreshing experience.

Elf Bar 600 Kiwi Passion fruit Guava – A sweet hit of a mixed tropical punch and additional sour notes. In each puff, you can enjoy a balanced flavour yet each fruit note will be standing out. You will be left with a refreshing and fruity taste all day long.

Elf Bar 600 Pineapple Peach Mango –A classic combination of sweet and smooth flavour notes. The juicy and fresh distinct fruits give an overall delightful experience and it truly is a perfectly balanced flavour.

Elf Bar Vape Side Effects

Elf Bar 600 disposable vape bar is considered safe to use and does not have any serious side effects. However, it’s important to be aware that fake Elf Bar 600 products that can potentially cause some minor inconveniences. Fake vape bars can cause dry mouth, a strong throat hit, nausea, irritation in the throat, and mild headaches.  

That’s why it’s always best to purchase authentic Elf Bar 600 products from authorized dealers to ensure you’re getting a safe and reliable product. Meanwhile, research has shown that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. So, if you’re a smoker who is looking to quit, the Elf Bar 600 vape bar could be a great option for you.


How much nicotine is in an Elf Bar?

The Elf Bar 600 comes in 3 nicotine strength variations. A 2ml Pre-filled E-Liquid is available in 0% (omg), 1% (10mg), and 2% (20mg) nicotine strength.

Are Elf Bars bad for you?

Just like other disposable vapes, Elf Bars definitely have their benefits. We regularly receive messages from customers that affirm the positive aspect of disposable vapes. Due to its simple, compact, contemporary design and nicotine strength variations, Elf Bars are considered to be the best for quitting smoking. 

Are Elf Bars worse than cigarettes?

The short answer is No. In fact, vaping is far better than conventional smoking. Elf Bars do not contain any harmful chemicals that damage your lungs. Disposable Vapes like Elf Bars have changed the lives of millions by giving the option to get a safer and clean nicotine hit. 

Furthermore, Not only can the Elf Bar help you quit smoking, but it also saves you money. Each kit provides as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes for a fraction of the price.

How long do Elf Bars last? 

Elf Bars are known to last very long and deliver a balanced puff up till the end. Different series have different batteries and E-Liquid capacities. Elf Bar 600 for example can last up to 600+ puffs.

How many puffs are in an elf bar 600?

The Elf Bar 600 can deliver up to 600+ well-balanced puffs allowing it to be used as an all-day vape.

How many cigarettes are in an Elf Bar 600?

The Elf Bar 600 is equivalent to about 20-30 cigarettes for an average smoker.

Who can use an elf bar vape?

There are age restrictions on using the Elf Bar in the UK. Adults over the age of 18 should not use the bar. As well, nicotine products should only be used by adult smokers who are attempting to quit smoking.

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar?

Elf bar and Geek bar are both popular for compact and simple disposable vape devices Here are some key differences between the two:

Battery life: Elf bar devices have a slightly larger battery capacity resulting in lasting a bit longer.

E-liquid capacity: Both devices have considerably large E-Liquid tanks and are able to deliver a generous experience.

Flavour options: Both the Elf Bar and the Geek Bar offers an extensive range of different flavour options.

Nicotine strength: Both brands offer a range of nicotine strengths. The choosing factor may depend on the specific series by a certain brand. 

Ultimately, the choice between Elf bar and Geek bar will come down to personal preference and what features are most important to you. It’s worth trying out both brands to see which one you prefer.

Where can I buy the best Elf Bars today?

Buzz Vapes bring the most authentic flavours and original Elf Bars in the UK. You can easily buy the best Elf Bar disposable vapes from Buzz Vapes. Enjoy brilliant returns and exchange policy and get 24/7 customer support services, gifts, rewards, and amazing sales.

Elf Bar 600

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